(Book of Secrets 2, chapter 29)

Man is born alone and dies alone,
but between these two points he lives in society, he lives with others.
Aloneness is his basic reality; society is just accidental. 

Whatsoever identity you carry is given to you by others;
it is not real, it is just a labeling. A name is given to you; it is given as a label.
Not only the name, the very image that you think of yourself is given by society.

You remain unknown to yourself. This is the basic anxiety. 
You are there, but you are unknown to yourself. And ignorance creates anxiety.
You are not only afraid of others, you are afraid of yourself,
because you don’t know who you are and what is hidden in you.

Whenever you are alone,
you immediately start doing something so you are not alone.
You may start reading the newspaper, or you may put on the T.V.,
or you may go to some club to meet some friends, or you may go to visit some family –
but you must do something.

Because the moment you are alone your identity melts,
and all that you know about yourself becomes false
and all that is real starts bubbling up.

Hence every religion says to move into solitude, into aloneness,
so that you can for a time leave society and all that society has given to you,
and face yourself directly.

Whatsoever society doesn’t approve of, you have to hide.
The society chooses you in parts.
Only particular parts of the body are allowed to be in the open.
And this is happening with the mind also: your total mind is not accepted.
Your totality is not approved of, not accepted.
So you have to hide your body, hide the mind and suppress it.
That hidden part creates many diseases.
The whole psychoanalysis of Freud consists only of bringing the hidden part out.
Suppression is the illness.

Face yourself in all totality!!
To find the essential, to find yourself is the search, the only search.
Division has to be thrown.
The division between the conscious and the unconscious, the accepted and the rejected.

Loneliness becomes the mirror. Society is the deception.
That’s why you are always afraid of being alone, because you will have to know yourself,
and you will have to know yourself in your nudity, in your nakedness.
You are afraid. To be alone is difficult.

All religions say that man must move into solitariness to know himself.
Unless you come to the point where you can say,
“Now I have know the essential,” it is a must to be alone.


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